A new life – Demetri’s transformation

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A new life – Demetri’s transformation

Beitrag  Gast am Mi 28 Jul 2010, 13:09

Hier habe ich eine kleine Oneshot Fan Fiction für euch. Ich habe mit ihr an einem Gewinnspiel teilgenommen, bei dem man einen Aufenthalt in Montepulciano gewinnen konnte und habe gewonnen Freu mich riesig!!

Nunja, nun dachte ich, ihr würdet die FF vielleicht auch gerne lesen..

Haupcharakter: Demetri
FSK: 12
Sprache: Englisch

Es handelt sich um die Geschichte, wie Demetri zum Vampir wurde. Ich bin zur Zeit am überlegen, sie weiter laufen zu lassen. Für das Gewinnspiel musste ich sie leider so kurz halten. Mir würde aber noch unendlich viel einfallen.. also mal schauen.. Nun ist sie aber erst einmal nur eine Oneshot story

Viel Spaß beim lesen!!! Ich mache auch gleich mal einen Thread für Kommentare auf. Würde mich sehr freuen zu hören, was ihr von der FF haltet

A new life - Demetri's transformation!

Immortality. A word, which doesn´t mean anything special to you, when you´re human. For me, after a life, which I never wanted to live, these insignificant word became more important than anything else. The reason: I was a vampire. An immortal creature of the darkness. And I loved it. My so called new life gave me power, gave me force and the freedom, I missed during my human life.

883 A.D.

I was born in the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius, near Naples. My family wasn‘t rich. But I loved my mother and my father. I was their only child, that´s why I got used to get all the attention from everybody at a young age. They gave me everything I wanted and I got the best education which was possible during that time. Everything was perfect till the Volcano erupted and my parents got caught in it. I tried to help them, but the lava was everywhere and there was no way to save them. All my human memories are blurred, but I can remember the look in my mother’s face, when she figured out, that she will die in this place and decided to send me away. Despair effused in me, but as the lava started to pouring closer to where I stood, I recognized, that I had to leave them… that I had to let my parents die in this hell on earth.

I was 17, when I lost my parents… when I let them die. And my „life“ wouldn´t get any better. I had no money, had no clothes, had no food. I started to steal all that I needed but after a few month of a criminal life, a man caught me and put me into slavery. They sold me from one master to another, because none of them was really happy with me. My good childhood had a strong effect on my behaviour. I was arrogant, to smart for slavery and to kind, that they just killed me. And then, after years of slavery, they sold me to a master who was looking for young men for fights in the Colosseum. I had no fighting skills during that time so as they squeezed me into the fighting area, I started to run away from everyone. I was pretty good in running, because I trained it during my time as a criminal. So, nobody caught me till one Roman shot me with an arrow. I still remember how I was lying on the floor, waiting for the death, waiting for the signal, that they should kill me, but suddenly 2 men came and carried me out of the fighting zone. I was bleeding like crazy and the dizziness in my body was so strong that all I could see was a man sitting on a chair in an almost empty room. The two guys who carried me to the room chucked me on the floor and left. The pain in my body was the worst I’ve ever felt in my short life, and I couldn´t concentrate on anything else.... till the man suddenly was right in front of my face. His eyes were red and his skin was almost white. I blenched and stared at him, saucer eyed.

„Don´t be afraid, I will give you a new, better life. You´ll be one of my best guardians!“

His voice was calm and then, before I could say anything or do anything I felt his mouth on my neck and his teeth bit hard into my skin. It was exactly the time, when I forgot the pain of the arrow shot. It was nothing compared to this new pain I felt, which captured all my body. It felt like I was burning. Every part of my body, from my neck, where he bit me, till the end of my toes. I started to scream as loud as I could but the man just stared at me with a grin on his face. I don´t exactly know how long I was lying on the floor in front of the man. It had to be days, because now I know, that the transformation into a vampire takes some time. But while I was in that horrible pain, I couldn´t feel the time. I couldn´t see light or darkness, everything looked the same. And everything I heard were my own screams which died after … maybe hours.

But then, suddenly the pain concentrated into my heart, which almost explodes. It was beating faster than ever before, till it abruptly stopped. And I felt different. I opened my eyes and it was as I opened them for the first time in my life. Everything was so clear, pin sharped. I could see every single dust particle in the air and as I recognized, that I wasn´t bleeding anymore, I stood up – way faster than I wanted – and looked around me. The man was still in the room. He was sitting on the chair again.
„I really hope you were worth the wait.“
I heard his calm voice again, but it sounded differently. Not only my eyes were better than before, also my ears were way better and I recognized thousand different smells in the air. And there was one smell which accroached all my attention. It was a sweet smell, warm and more delicious than everything that I ever smelled. My throat made a strange sound. It growled inside of it and I couldn´t stop making this noise. The man laughed and I looked back at him after I tried to figure out where the smell came from.
„You´re thirsty. And you´re confused.“ He stood up and touched my cheek. „And your life wasn´t as I expected. But I promise, if you´re loyal, I will give you everything you wanna have. You´ll have a better life than ever before. And, I promise, I’ll bring this mouthwatering smell to you.“

I couldn´t think about anything else than this smell anymore and nodded. And as far as I did that, the man clapped two times. A few seconds later, a young girl came into the room and I noticed the growl in my throat again. The girl, which had long brown hair and was about 16, stared at me. But just one second later I saw myself jumping on her, hissing and growling louder than before and then, as I grabbed her hair and cracked her head back, I realized what I was doing. I wanted to drink her blood. I could smell it and I never wanted to have something so badly. It was like a compulsion. I couldn´t stop and I didn´t want to stop. The rage which came out of my nature was like a flush and as I bit in her neck and the warm blood soaked from the bite-wound I swallowed it hastily. It was delicious and I drank more and more until the body of this young girl wasn´t warm anymore. She lied dead in my arms and then I dropped her. I licked over my mouth and tried to come back to reality. I didn´t know what I just did. What happened to me and why I just killed a young girl by drinking all her blood.

„You are a vampire now. You are a newborn vampire, which means, that you´re very thirsty ... and very strong. My name is Aro. Demetri, you´re one of my guardians now although it will take some time, till you´ll be a full guard, because your bloodlust is too strong right now. But as I said, you will get everything what you want and your life will become better than it ever was. You will be one of the Volturi!“

Month after my birth as a vampire, my bloodlust got better and I could think again. I could stand beside a human without killing him after 8 month and I could watch another vampire drink blood after another 7 month. My self-control was growing and I recognized another strange thing. I always knew, where everybody was. I didn´t know, where it came from, but after I met someone something in my brain always said to me where he or she was. I could tell everybody exactly where every single Volturi was. When I told Aro about it, he started to grin and touched my shoulder.

“Demetri, you´re ready now. I knew you would be worth it and now, that your special ability is born, you´re a complete Volturi and you´ll be one of my best guardians.”

He started to test my ability and called me a Tracker. When we figured out, that my ability worked over enormous distances I started to help them a few times by telling them where several vampires, which I already met before, where. Aro gave me a Volturi necklace and organized an official ceremony in which they established me as a new guard of the Volturi. I was so proud and I swore eternal loyalty.

Nowadays I´m still a proud member of the Volturi. I helped them a lot and after another few month I got a partner. Felix. A really strong and big vampire. He´s like a brother for me and I couldn´t imagine to work without him.

My life changed after I became a vampire. It changed into a better, immortal, more interesting and more powerful life, which I love. I love to be a Vampire. To be a Volturi !!!


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